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│ Description │
In general, the surface of a desk is even with the ground That's why many students are bound to slightly bend their necks and backs and keep the posture during working their studies.

The slightly bent posture puts pressure on the backbone and the neck bone, which makes the neck and back painful, brings about lots of illnesses such as scoliosis and forward head posture, and reduces the ability to concentrate.

Because our double desk consists of two desk surfaces with different angle of inclination, it helps a student keep right posture in studying, and therefore, it is good for the backbone and the neck bone of the student.

Besides, as it improves the respiration and blood volume, it makes students feel comfortable and helps increase the power of concentration when they sit long hours.
In fact, our double desk has two desk surfaces with low and high angle of inclination. The low desk surface is suitable for writing, and the high desk surface is suitable for reading. Students usually read the books and take notes at the same time, and if they use two sloping sides of our double desk properly, they can study more comfortably and have better posture. It is also good for using a tablet PC or a laptop computer.

Our double desks are recommended by the Student Rating Group in Seoul National University

│ Features │

  1. Rounded corners for safety
  2. Reading a good high inclination
  3. Book clip
  4. Riting a good low inclination
  5. Acrylic prop
  6. Side table